Welcome to Jcorp, a global multifaceted American conglomerate. Jcorp, headquartered in Miami, Florida, serves our employees and customers in a variety of diverse ways. Currently, we focus on three main markets: technology, television, and education. In every market, we bring our experience and expertise, and our determination to overcome challenges and be the best we can be. If you have a project you would like to work with us on, please reach out.


The Jcorp Technology Department creates unrivaled business-to-business software and provides implementation assistance. From a lightweight video and audio player, to an AI-based virtual agent and rich text editor, Jcorp creates software for every type of business and person. Beyond that, Technology @ Jcorp is available for consultation, and willing to create envision, design, develop, and implement new projects on a low budget.

The Jcorp Media Department focuses on preparing, producing, and distributing meaningful, quality television content. Consisting of JMovies, Jcorp Animation Studios, JDN Television Distribution, and Jcorp Sound, Music, and Theatrical Productions, Jcorp Media creates engaging television and social media content you know and love.

Jcorp in Education focuses on complementing the power and adaptability of technology with the unrivaled humanity and personality of a teacher. Florida Prep Express (FPE), originally focusing solely on Florida, but now serving the entire US, is one of our largest such solutions. FPE, with its mission to “To help create a learning environment where teachers and students can teach and learn in their own unique way,” is now available across some of education’s leading platforms, such as Clever.


Jcorp is always looking for new, exciting projects. We always view each project as a new challenge and bring the best we can to provide the best services we can. Regardless of whether you are interested in a television collaboration, broadcasting our programs, licensing our software, having us build a website or web application, or partnering on our education initiatives, we never charge a consultation fee (or get upset if you pull out), so feel free to contact us today.